The Spiritual Love Coach

Chakra Healing Session

Clear out stagnant energy and restore balance to improve overall wellness for your mind, body, and soul. 

Intuitive Sessions to Heal and Balance Your Chakras

Incorporates crystal healing, intuitive readings, sound healing, and Reiki Energy Healing.

Each Session is Unique

Discover what Chakras need the most attention during an Intuitive Chakra Reading at the beginning of your session. This helps me choose any additional crystals to apply and helps me choose the Reiki symbols to use during your session.

Once you lay on the treatment table, I will access each chakra energetically to determine the state of your chakras. All you do is lay back and relax while listening to soothing chakra healing sounds during your session.

As I channel healing energy I will reassess each chakra and note any findings. At the end of your session I will go over the findings with you and answer any additional questions.

Healing Session Report

You will receive an email of your Intuitive Chakra Reading as well as ways to maintain your energetic balance.

Crystal Healing 

Crystals help facilitate the healing and balancing of your chakras. They are chosen based on your specific needs.

Reiki Energy Healing

I choose from Traditional Reiki symbols, along with Karuna Ki, Aset Ka, Rainbow, Angelic, and Lemurian Seed Reiki energy.


Loving Words About My Energy Healing Sessions

Straight Up Magic!! I felt alive, valued, honored and loved. It was transformative to witness Jovanhanna's deep connection with spirit.The angel healing session felt like a dream. You will be more than satisfied working with Jovanhanna.

Afua Danso

International Singer, Songwriter, and Producer

Schedule Your Chakra Healing Session Today!

These sessions last about 60-75 minutes and are priced at $99 

Intuitive Chakra Reading

Spiritual Guidance to Understand Your Energy

Before your Chakra Healing Session begins, we'll assess your chakras by doing a reading. The insights discovered in the cards are profound and will help me identify where to concentrate during your healing session. This 15 minute reading is included in the cost of your session.

Get a better understanding of what you're going through.

About The Spiritual Love Coach

healing with the spiritual love coach

Hi, I’m Jovanhanna.

Your Healer, Guide, and Coach. My mission is to support women in their healing and growth, to rediscover who she is after experiencing pain and heartache. I'm certified in a number of energy healing techniques and coaching methodologies to bring the very best holistic support to you.

Chakra Healing Sessions take place in my Raleigh Office. I also offer virtual sessions.

Schedule Your Chakra Healing Session Today!

These sessions last about 60-75 minutes and are priced at $99. 

Located Inside of The North Raleigh Well Nest - Office Hours By Appointment Only

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