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With Jovanhanna

The Spiritual Love Coach

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Wednesday, April 25th at 9pm/EST

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What You'll Learn During this Live
♥ Love Lesson Masterclass ♥

  • 1
    Uncover the Love Abundance Theory™ that will free you from struggle love.
  • 2
    Discover how to reawaken the Divine Feminine within to claim the love you deserve. 
  • 3
    Unblock relationship energy patterns that have kept you in Love Limbo.
  • 4
    Plus, free bonus: You'll get access to my "Relationship Types Cheat Sheet" PDF guide.

Harness These 3 Secrets
to Attract Spiritual Love, even if..

  • 1
    Nothing has worked in the past, unblocking your relationship patterns can help you change your future.
  • 2
    You feel you don't deserve love, Reawakening the Divine Feminine can restore love in your life.
  • 3
    You never saw healthy relationships and love growing up, you can tap into the Love Abundance Theory™ and experience healthy relationships.
  • 4
    You're a single mother or have children looking up to you, you can learn how to shift the energy of your relationships.
  • 5
    You feel your time for love has passed, the Love Abundance Theory™ will prove you wrong.
  • 6
    You've always picked the wrong ones, unblocking your relationship patterns can help you learn from your past and make better choices.
  • 7
    Your heart is still broken, you can reawaken the Divine Feminine and bring healing into your heart.
  • 8
    You have given up on love, the Love Abundance Theory™ can help you restore your faith in love.

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