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Heal My Heart Group Coaching Experience

A transformational journey of healing for women who are sick and tired of of drama, toxic relationships, and losing in love.


When women come together something powerful, magical happens!

There is healing in sisterhood and connection. So many of us share the same story. You are not alone in your pain.

  • It's over finally, or at least you want it to be.
  • heartbeat
    You're heartbroken, jilted, angry, or bitter.
  • You feel hurt, scared, and confused.
  • Feelings of betrayal, being used and neglected surface.
  • You feel cut off from love.
  • You're unsure of how to let go and move on.
  • Embarrassment, shame, and disappointment cloud your thoughts.
  • You want closure and help knowing how to move on.
  • The frustration and anger are too much for your broken heart to bear.
  • You gave your all and it wasn't returned.

Your heart is heavy and you are feeling lost in love. Toxic relationships can leave you feeling drained mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, and even financially. An unhealthy relationship isn't limited to your love life.

If you are dealing with a toxic, unhealthy relationship, I can guide you to a place of wholeness, freedom, and love!

To secure your spot in this intimate, transformational group experience:

STEP 1: Click the button below to submit your payment.

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STEP 3: Check your inbox! You’ll receive your welcome packet and additional information from me within 1 business day.

STEP 4: Once your paperwork is signed and returned to me, you'll have access to the VIP Lotus Blossom Group and the coaching schedule and materials.

The Present is a Gift

Learn how to release the past, by making peace with your relationship. Open your heart and mind to the present so that you can experience love and life, now!

Develop your Heartset & Mindset

Release the negative thoughts and energies of unhealthy relationships to know that you are worthy and deserving of love.

Reconnect with Yourself

Give yourself permission to love on you! The ultimate love starts with you! You'll be reminded of this as you explore what matters most and practice extreme self love!

ReWrite Your Love Story

No more stories of ruin and heartbreak. Get the message out of the mess and transform your thoughts on love and relationships. Develop healthy relationships.


Build Your Esteem and Worth

Focusing on self love allows you to rebuild your confidence and reconnect with your value and worth. See yourself through loving eyes.

Healthy Relationships

Uncover and release energetic patterns and unhealthy habits so that you can start attracting quality men and relationships into your life. Learn ways to maintain healthy connections.

Do You Want to Go On this Transformational Journey?

Heal My Heart is a transformational journey of healing for women who are ready to release unhealthy relationships and rewrite their love story by:

  • Making peace with your past relationships enabling you to heal and move on in love and life.
  • Reconnecting with yourself and restore self-love while rebuilding your self-esteem through loving and healing practices.
  • Learning about the energy of relationships and how you can raise your vibrations to attract quality, high vibe relationships and quality men.
  • Strengthening your mindset and heartset to know that you are worthy of being loved an​d cherished.
  • heartbeat
    Uncovering and dismantling your unhealthy relationship patterns, replacing them with healthy boundaries
  • heartbeat
    Asserting yourself to confidently communicate your needs in love and life

Your past does not determine your future. Erase the pain, embrace loves lessons, and start a new chapter in your love story.

If your heart is aching, if you have been wounded by love, if you are unhappy, this experience is for you.

There is space for 6 women to experience healing and growth over an 8 week period. I want you be be one of those women! 

It was not by accident that you found this page, no longer do you have to suffer, longing for love.

This is your time to heal your heart and live life from a place of love. 

Click below to start your journey!


Toxic and unhealthy relationships don't serve you. Recognize toxic individuals and set up healthy boundaries to protect yourself from them. Identify the type of healthy relationships you desire and shift your heart and mind to focus on those.

intimate and customized coaching


Doing the work together in a circle of sisters is healing and supportive. Not only are you healing together you are healing each other. Healing, learning, and growing within a sisterhood of support is empowering! 

Develop healthy relationships

Clearing your heart space from past hurts allows you to open up to love in a new way. Get clear on the types of relationships you wish to have in your life and develop a healthy Heartset to guide you in maintaining genuine and meaningful connections.

Heal My Heart Spiritual Love Coaching Experience

Loving Words 


You're a great person, listener, coach and all that! You make me feel like I have a friend. 

Karen N.

Customer Service


What we covered, plus your interest in me was a huge factor in me moving forward. I really appreciate the guidance and insight you shared with me and that helped me to believe in myself again and make the steps in the right direction.

Charmaine D.


You have an amazing gift! You guided me to trust my heart again! You are so empowering in a nurturing way. It’s just what I needed!

Jess L.
Coaching Client


The Spiritual Love Coach

I transform your pain into love. My own healing journey started when I found myself at rock bottom after leaving an abusive relationship. I felt powerless, worthless, and fearful. I was stuck in a cycle of negativity and hurt!

Positive Forward Movement™ became my mantra and allowed me to heal my heart and transform my life on a holistic level, by focusing on self love.

I have extensive training in the Life Purpose, Goal Success, Happiness, Wellness, Psychic Tarot and Relationship Coaching; Angel Card Reading, Reiki, and Crystal Therapy. That makes me the right coach to support you on a holistic level. I am here for you! Are you ready to heal your heart?

Heal My Heart Spiritual Love Group Coaching Experience

$377 Investment Eight Week Group Coaching Experience

6 – 75 Minute Spiritual Love Group Coaching Calls – to support the shift in your Mindset and Heartset by focusing on confidence, assertiveness, and the ingredients for a healthy relationship.

3 – Heart Healing Group Sessions – These remote energy healing sessions will be used to help you shift your emotions and process any stuck energy using crystals and reiki. Even though you are not physically present with me, these energetic sessions will still have a positive impact on you.

1 – Spiritual Love Intuitive Readings – These private readings will be tailored to your needs to help you in the process of healing your heart, reconnecting with yourself, and getting guidance on closure.

Love Work (Homework) – Weekly exercises and assignments to help you implement transformation in your life. These may be video, audio, or real life exercises to help you in your healing and growth.

Personal Healing Statement – This is your life changing affirmation to support your growth and empower you to invite love, healing, and change into your life. It also helps you focus and guides your direction making sure your actions and thoughts are in alignment.

Private Support Group – The LOTUS Blossom Sister Support group is a private community where you can share, ask questions, and be supported by myself and the other Loving Ladies who are on the journey of healing with you. 

Loving Self Care Plan – A key part to healing and growth is self-care. Making yourself a priority in your life is necessary. During our time together we will develop a plan to help you make self-love a priority in your life.

Journey to Love Journal – This 30 day journal helps you explore and connect with yourself on a deeper level. This journal is my gift to you.

Affirmation Cards – You’ll receive 20 digital affirmation cards that you can place around your home, desk, and other areas where you will see them to infuse your heart and mind with positive, loving energy.

Let's Get Started! Secure Your Spot in Heal My Heart!

If you're ready to heal from the past and release toxic relationships, follow these steps and submit your payment. If you have any questions, email me at

STEP 1: Click the button below to submit your payment.

STEP 2: After you submit your payment, celebrate! Watch the welcome video!


STEP 3: Check your inbox! You’ll receive your welcome packet and additional information from me within 1 business day.

STEP 4: Once your paperwork is signed and returned to me, you'll have access to the VIP Lotus Blossom Group and the coaching schedule and materials.

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