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Angelic Heart
Healing Sessions

Angelic Healing can help with anything that you are struggling with.

Angelic Healing is clearing, cleansing, releasing, invigorating, refreshing, and healing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.

How Can You Benefit from an Angelic Healing Session?

You have an energetic body that can become blocked by emotions, thoughts, and negative energy. Angelic Healing sessions are similar to Heart Healing Sessions in that it is a form of energy healing used to help remove blocks, allowing your energy to flow.

Divine Love and Compassion

Connecting with energy of the Angelic Realm provides a stream of pure love and light to radiate through your energetic, physical, and spiritual body. 


You can benefit from this healing session if you:

  • Have your heart closed off to love.
  • Are stressed or anxious about love or life.
  • Lack love and compassion for yourself.
  • You have experienced hurt or trauma.
  • You keep getting hurt over and over again.
  • You seem to attract toxic people in your life.
  • You can't open up to forgive.
  • You're struggling to move on from a past hurt.
  • You aren't standing in your power or are lacking confidence and self-love.
  • Want to connect with your angels.
  • Feel better knowing Angels are messengers for God.

Angels are here to help you heal.

As a channel, I connect with the Angelic Realm and allow healing energy to flow through me which helps to boosting your emotional and spiritual health.

These sessions are perfect if you are dealing with a broken heart, stress, anger, sadness, loss, grief, need to connect with yourself, need to forgive someone else or yourself, restore self-love, release negative thoughts, open your heart, and feel the power of love!

If you are tired of crying, being angry, feeling unloved, undervalued, and want to experience inner peace, an Angelic Heart Healing Session is for you.

One Session

Angelic Heart Healing Session 

Includes an Angel Card Reading

$111per session 6

Save on Multiple Sessions

Purchase 3 Angelic Heart Healing Sessions and Save

$96per session 6

Loving Words from International Singer Afua Danso


Angelic Heart Healing Sessions focus on helping:

  • your ability to give and receive love
  • deal with issues in a current relationships
  • let go of a past relationship
  • release toxic emotions
  • improve your relationships
  • release negative energy
  • let go of unhealthy patterns. 
heart healing session energy healing with the spiritual love coach


Your heart is a powerful organ and energy center. It's physical and spiritual heal are important for your overall wellbeing.

Angelic Heart Healing sessions help to restore balance of love within you and creates a safe space for healing to take place.

heart healing session energy healing with the spiritual love coach


Often the hurt, pain, stress, anxiety, and other negative emotions we feel are stored in our bodies.

Working with the energy of Angels can help to release these pent up emotions. Leaving you feeling lighter and peaceful.

heart healing session energy healing with the spiritual love coach

What Others Say


I had my first Angel Healing Session [remotely] with Jovanhanna on Saturday, December 9, 2017. She explained to me how the process works and discussed how my body may react afterwards mentally and physically.

Let me tell you that I just relaxed while laying on the floor and felt like a burden was lifted off me. A few days prior and hours prior to the call I was thinking about some things that I have to do. The angels confirmed. Since that time I have been open about my needs and wants and not afraid to ask for them. I've even met someone. Out of the blue because I didn't see it coming not via the DM.

Shay S.


The Spiritual Love Coach

I transform your pain into love. My own healing journey started when I found myself at rock bottom after leaving an abusive relationship. I felt powerless, worthless, and fearful. I was stuck in a cycle of negativity and hurt!Positive Forward Movement™ became my mantra and allowed me to heal my heart and transform my life on a holistic level, by focusing on self love.I have extensive training in the Life Purpose, Goal Success, Happiness, Wellness, Psychic Tarot and Relationship Coaching; Angel Card Reading, Angelic Healing, Reiki, and Crystal Therapy. That makes me the right coach to support you on a holistic level. I am here for you! Are you ready to radiate more love and positivity in your life?! Then select a time below and schedule your Heart to Heart Connection with me today.I’m excited to connect Heart to Heart with you and support you!

What is Energy?

Energy is the flow of life; some call it Chi and others call it Prana.

We all have an energy body around our physical body. You might have heard of it described as an Aura. Have you ever had the hair on you body stand up because of a sensation or 'felt' someone looking at you? You were picking up on the subtle energy all around you.

Energy is always flowing, but sometimes the energy can create blocks causing things to become slow, stuck, and stagnant!


  • Open your heart and mind to love and healthy relationships.
  • Healing from heartbreak and heartache
  • Calming and relaxing. Spend some time in a peaceful state and reduce your stress level.s
  • The perfect way to indulge in self care.
  • Supports you physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Helps you grow and develop personally and spiritually
  • Balance your mood and emotions.
  • Open up to forgiveness.
  • Release negative thoughts and think more clearly and positively.
  • Release toxic and stagnant energy and increase the flow of positivity in your life.

Angelic Heart Healing Sessions last about 60 to 90 minutes

Please note: This is a form of complementary medicine and should never be substituted for proper medical care.

One Session

Angelic Heart Healing Session 

Includes an Angel Card Reading

$111per session 6

Save on Multiple Sessions

Purchase 3 Angelic Heart Healing Sessions and Save

$96per session 6


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This is not a substitute for medical advice of any kind. I can not treat or diagnose any disorder or disease.

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